Threads and Things

Other Requirements

On this page you will find all the other requirements for embroidery:

The threads, needles, hoops, cotton fabric, anti-fray agent, doll’s hair (that we use for embroidering the ladies’ hair), scissors, floss boxes, water-soluble fabric…

…the woolly fibres: so useful for making trees, filling in texture, making little birds and the centre of the roses in my new Roses book.

And  French ribbon:  a useful fibre that easily unravels to form a fluffy texture which can be threaded onto a needle to be stitched with, or which can be couched on with matching thread.


If there is anything else that we can try to source for you, you are welcome to e mail us at – we are always willing to help wherever we can.


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Maxi Mouline Threads

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French Ribbon