Circle of Roses — Circle of Love COMPETITION 2015

 Circle of Roses competition


Every now and then an exceptional design comes along that will melt the heart of many an embroiderer.

This is one of them, and it has a special purpose…..


To become a timeless masterpiece in recognition of someone precious, someone exceptional, someone who has made a difference in your life—made your life easier and enhanced it.


Circle of Roses design for the COMPETITION Here is a perfect opportunity to make an exquisite Circle of Roses for that very special individual to say:


” I acknowledge you,

and thank you,

for what you have done,

for what you mean to me”.






 In silk & organza ribbon COMPETITION 2015



I have been thinking constantly about a very precious person that I lost recently, and if you were to ask me:

What is your biggest regret, Di?”  

My answer would be:

I wish that I had said THANK YOU more often, and had told him just how much he meant to me, and how grateful I was for all his kindness, and how he made me feel so safe….

And I wish I had told him this every single day. And I learned this too late.


And so, I thought it would be a good idea to create an opportunity for every embroiderer, no matter where you live in this world, to make a something really beautiful for that special person. It may be your husband, your mother or your father, your daughter or your son, your sister or brother, a grandparent or an aunt or a special friend, a colleague or a mentor…. this is your opportunity to make a Circle of Roses in recognition of this someone who is precious, someone exceptional, someone who has made a difference in your life—made your life easier and enriched it.


And then, at the end of this competition, I will acknowledge this special person by writing your story about how he or she made a difference in your life.

And hopefully it will inspire others to pay it forward and to teach all of us that we need to recognise the special people in our lives and to thank them every day for their inspiration, guidance and help.




♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸One exemplary piece will be chosen by the judges and this winner will receive a lovely collection of my silk ribbons in the most popular colours —a total of 100 packets. The hamper will contain:

  • 20 packets of 2mm silk ribbon (3 metre/yard packs = 60 metres/yards in total)
  • 20 packets of 4mm silk ribbon (3 metre/yard packs = 60 metres/yards in total)
  • 20 packets of 7mm silk ribbon (2 metre/yard packs = 40 metres/yards in total)
  • 20 packets of 13mm silk ribbon (1 metre/yard packs = 20 metres/yards in total)
  • 20 packets of 32mm silk ribbon (1 metre/yard packs = 20 metres/yards in total)





The competition starts on 6 March 2015, ends on 6 December 2015.


Circle of Roses design for the COMPETITIONTo enter this competition:


  • 1) You must use the pre-printed embroidery panel titled: Circle of Roses, produced by Di van Niekerk’s Crafts Unlimited, printed onto pure cotton fabric, in full colour, ready to embroider. Each panel will have the copyright information printed on it and each contestant will need to supply the information of where they purchased the panel and to keep the proof of purchase.

These panels will be available from your nearest stockist, teacher or studio that keeps my products. If you don’t have a stockist near you, you are welcome to order it online and click on the size image you prefer.


Note:  You can use more than one embroidery panel, depending on your choice of complementary techniques, for example: stumpwork or crazy quilting.


You can combine silk ribbon embroidery with the technique of sculpting with silk and organza ribbon, or combine it with quilting or shadow work, needle-felting or crazy patchwork, crochet or knitting….make borders to complement the panel or make a block with circular cut-outs to surround the Circle of Roses—there are no restrictions—your creativity is limitless.



Di van Niekerk Ribbons2) You must use my range of silk and/or organza ribbons in your design. This way the judges will be able to evaluate the entries based on similar components although each entry will be different depending on what other techniques you will merge with the silk and organza ribbon.

You can choose any width, any colour ribbon in silk or organza range.

Click on the ribbon page and choose the width of ribbon that you want (in mm). When the page opens, click on each image/colour swatch for more information.

You are also welcome to download the ribbon chart in PDF format here:  Colour charts, Catalogues – Ribbon Colour Chart (4.35 MB)


** The chart is approximately 4.35 MB in size and, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, it may take some time to open on your computer screen.


Note: each contestant will need to produce the information of where they purchased the ribbons and will need to keep the proof of purchase.




Information you will need:


-about the pre-printed embroidery panels:


Circle of Roses design for the COMPETITION

There are 4 different size panels to choose from. Depending what you propose to make with this beautiful Circle of Roses design, the panels are available in large, medium, small and tiny.

The smaller panel packs contain more than one panel as this is how they are printed.


Hint: Use the extra panels for your project or why not ask a friend to make a Circle of Roses with you and you can work together!

Read more about the panels here and click on each image for the information.


-about the ribbons: 


Di van Niekerk Ribbons

You must choose from my silk and/or organza ribbons. Choose any width, any colour ribbon in my silk or organza range.

Click on the ribbon page and choose the mm width of ribbon that you want.

When that page opens, click on the colour swatch for more information.

Note: You are welcome to change the colour scheme, for example use lavender and purple ribbons and threads, or yellow and red… the choice of colour is entirely up to you. Use the printed panel as a guide when choosing the colours. You can also keep to the existing colour scheme of pink and green—it’s a beautiful colour scheme to work with.

Note:  you can combine the ribbon work with any other thread, yarn, fibre or fabric. There are no restrictions at all.


-about the techniques:


The ribbon work should be the most notable in your design.

The main purpose is to use the silk and/or organza ribbons to create the focal point. Hence the ribbon work should be the most dominant element that will attract the eye and get noticed first.

Alongside this, you can use any kind of needlecraft to complement the silk and organza ribbons—any craft which uses a needle for assembly can be included with the silk and organza ribbon. 




Think of applique, stumpwork and all kinds of embroidery, knitting or crochet, needle lace, quilting, needle felting—any technique that uses a needle for construction and will harmonise with your Circle of Roses design and the ribbons. You can add other fabrics or findings alongside the ribbon or use them on top of the printed panel to complement your design.













You are welcome to use my books to guide and inspire you.

The following books will be most useful:

Little flowers in silk and organza ribbon by Di van Niekerk & Marina Zherdeva
Di van Niekerk’s Roses in silk and organza ribbon 


Of course, my other books will also assist with creative ideas. If you need more information, look under books. Your nearest stockist should also have stock for you.




-about the finishing

You can transform your design into a framed artwork; use it to make a lid of a special memory box, to make a cover for a journal or photo album, to make an exceptional pillow or wall hanging—any project that you think will be suitable for this special person.


 I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.

– Pablo Casals




The following rules apply:


  1. Circle of Roses - Circle of LoveThis competition relates to the Circle of Roses   design, which is available in four sizes.
  2. The embroidery panel must be manufactured by us — no cloth from the counterfeiters will be accepted. Check that the printed panel is purchased with the Di van Niekerk label and that you purchase from our accredited stockists throughout the world.  If you don’t find a stockist nearby, you are welcome to order these directly from my website here.
  3. This competition is open to all embroiderers worldwide. Teachers and stockists are encouraged to join too. Everyone who has a story about a special person in her life is welcome to join.
  4. You may combine ribbon work with any other needlecraft—refer to previous pages as a guide.
  5. Turn your design into anything you like! A framed artwork, trinket or memory box, a journal cover, beautiful cushion or make a block for your quilt or wall hanging. Design a jacket or a piece of wearable art. Make a hussif or handy-hold-all—whatever takes your fancy!
  6. You must use my range of ribbons: silk and/or organza ribbons, which are available from your nearest stockist. And if you don’t find a stockist near you: from my website. Please feel free to contact us if you require any assistance with details of your nearest stockist or if you need help with the colours and widths of my ribbons.
  7. Any type of thread, yarn, fabric and other trimmings may be used with my ribbons.
  8. You may enter as many pieces as you like, in any of the available sizes
  9. To enter: you will need to e mail me the photographs of your embroidered piece/s to reach me before midnight (South African time) on Sunday 06 December 2015. Try to send photographs that display your talent and your project to their best advantage. Ask a friend or a professional photographer to take good-quality photographs in a lovely setting that complements your masterpiece. You can send as many pictures as you like, but it is best to send them in several emails (repeat your address details etc.) and number the emails from 1 to 5, for example.

Note:  You can start sending the photographs any time before the deadline to avoid a last minute rush. The e mail address to use is  or

The photographs should be of a high quality, between 1MB to 2MB in size. Add your details, your contact numbers, your address and your story in the same e mail and I will reply as soon as I receive your email and photos. If you don’t hear from me: e mail me to ask whether I have received your photos. 

*** If possible, please send photographs to enhance your story too.


  1. As your piece stands a chance of being published on my blog: it will be helpful to have a list of the names or codes of the threads, ribbons and other items that you used in your design. Plus if possible, please make short notes of the steps that you followed whilst sewing your piece.
  2. The judges will be external and impartial and their decision will be final.


I think that this is an exciting opportunity to show your appreciation and to give tribute to someone special and I encourage you to give it a try. It will be uplifting for me, and the embroidery world, to read your story about how that special person made a difference in your life.


Good luck everybody – this is going to be a lot of fun!


Remember: the competition will end at midnight (South African time) on Sunday 06 December 2015.

and one by one, I will start to publish the heart-warming stories (along with the photographs) on my blog soon therafter.

the winner of this competition will be announced in january 2016.


**** You are welcome to download the printable PDF with all the information here



To receive the latest updates, Do stay in touch via:



Good luck and have fun… enjoy yourself and make beautiful things!


with love



Di van Niekerk