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I want to show you a little champion…

I just love this little hedgehog!

Don’t you think she is lovely? She belongs to the extended Dicraft family and she is a much-loved little team member.

Hannah wrote about Hedgies.

Hedgies the hedgehog sleeps most of the day and scuttles about my room at night. On hot days she enjoys a swim. But most of all, she enjoys cuddling humans because they’re so nice and warm!

She’s very tame and friendly once she gets used to your scent. She’s a travelling hedgie and goes just about everywhere with me, including the beach on occasion!

Also, in terms of what she doesn’t like… she doesn’t like bright light because she’s nocturnal. I got given her by a friend. She’s an African Pygmy hedgehog, and they make awesome pets! She’s my little carry around spirit animal.

I think she is adorable, and would love to embroider this picture! I’ll keep you posted.

And here she is getting a much-needed cuddle

Have a happy day everyone and stay safe!