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Satin couching

Satin couching

Use satin couching for a smooth, raised initial: couch perlé no 8 or 12 thread or six strands of cotton thread in place (see couching). Couch the rows close together; make a few more rows on top of the first layer, especially towards the centre of the initial. By stitching two (or even three) layers on top of one another, the initial will be nice and rounded. Thread up with one strand of silk thread (or rayon for more shine) and use satin stitch to cover the couched threads. Work perpendicular (at right angles) to the couched thread and use a gentle, even tension for a smooth finish.

Angle the needle under the couched threads to ‘tuck them in’ for a smooth edge. Work a row of chain stitch along the edge to neaten it and to highlight it at the same time.



Di van Niekerk