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A Beautiful Place by Marie Mordue

Good Morning! Don’t you just love this piece – A Beautiful Place by Marie Mordue from Dundee in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

 A Beautiful Place by Marie Mordue

Marie wrote:

“Before I started on my picture, I studied it closely, getting an idea of the colours and materials I would be using.

I did the pillars first, using my sewing machine. I placed thin batting behind the printed fabric and outlined the pillars with the ‘stitch-in-a-ditch’ technique used by quilters.

Between the umbrella and the pot with flowers, I added plant stems and did seed stitches for the treetops.

For the background at the top behind the umbrella I used seed stitches and I tried to match the stranded cotton to colours on the fabric as close as possible. It gives depth and a feeling that you want to walk through the garden.

For the pot with the pink flowers, I used soft colours for the flowers at the bottom and around the pot.

For the lollipops (round green shrubs in the front) I did French knots. This was a challenge. I did the dark spots first. I used dark cotton as shading. The next colour is a fern or apple green and lastly lemon green for the highlight spots.

Tip: Take a photo of trees and work from there using the colours and shading as a guide.”


Thank you, Marie, for brightening up our day!

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