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Ribbon Embroidery from Foggia, Italy


Hello, stitching world!  Hope you are all looking forward to the weekend


Today I want to show a beautiful piece which Татьяна Коробейник (Tetiana Korobeinyk) from Foggia in Italy. Tetiana is so talented with needle and ribbon and I am sure this will beauty make your day!


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It’s one of our panels known as WH2007-02 ( a Seascape). If you are interested in this panel, please mail us at and ask for WH2007-02 A3 size. We can also pack the ribbons for you if you like.





Татьяна Коробейник is from Ukraine and now lives with her hubby and son in Foggia, Italy. She loves nature and since doing ribbon embroidery, she sees flowers and leaves from a whole different angle.

I love the simplicity of this design and how Tetiana cleverly combined many colours to blend them so well.


Tetiana has an Etsy shop where she sells her beautiful pieces. Thank you, dearest Tetiana, for your wonderful talent! Happy weekend everybody