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Beautiful Narcissus


I have a beautiful creation for you today.

Narcissus by the super-talented embroiderer, Marina Zherdeva, from Moscow.

Marina used colours from my range of silk ribbons and if you would like us to pack a ribbon kit for you, contact us and ask for the ribbon pack for the Narcissus by Marina.

Marina and I wrote our Little Flowers book together and in this book, she shows you, step by step, how to make these gorgeous flowers.

There is also a kit available for the Narcissus 

Happy Monday everybody!

Thank you, Marina, for your wonderful talent. 


Narcissus By Marina Zherdeva


Click on the images to enlarge


Narcissus by Marina 2



Don’t you just love the way that Marina manipulates the ribbons so gently?



Narcissus by Marina 3


They look almost real!








Marina Zherdeva