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Letter E – KIT


This lovely kit contains the following:


Letter E – KIT


 Delaram's Letter E


Ribbon Pack contains 4 packets of Di´s hand-painted ribbons:


1 x Di van Niekerk’s 2mm Silk ribbon
2 x Di van Niekerk’s 4mm Silk ribbon
1 x Di van Niekerk’s 7mm Silk ribbon


 Delaram's E


The Thread Pack contains 3 skeins of thread and 1 metallic thread:


1 x Silk thread
2 x Stranded Cotton threads
1 Metallic thread



This beautiful watercolour is printed onto pure cotton fabric for you to start embroidering right away

Size of design / printed panel: 8.31 x 9.91 cm (3.27 x 3.90 inches) printed on a 36 x 36 cm (14.17 x 14.17 inches) pure cotton fabric cloth.




Please note: You will need my Monograms and Words or Embroidered Alphabets book to follow the instructions. It’s a wonderful book with many ideas and well worth having in your library. To inquire about the book please contact us and we will refer you to your nearest supplier. Thank you!