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Gathered Leaves or Petals


This is an ideal technique to use when you want to make large leaves or long, upright flowers like Lupins.





Usually, the 4 or 7mm silk or organza ribbon is used, but for larger shapes, you can use the wider 13mm, 20mm or 25mm ribbons.

Work with one or two strands of a matching colour thread.


Start at the base of the leaf or flower and make small running stitches along the length of the ribbon (working in a zig-zag fashion for the wider ribbons) and stitch until the length of the ribbon is double that of the shape on the design. You can triple the length for a fuller shape.


Pull the thread and gently push ribbon downwards to gather it. Insert the needle and thread to the back, make a double stitch at the back of your work to secure the gathers. Come up to make the adjoining shape. Take the needle and ribbon to the back, come up at the base of the adjoining shape and repeat.