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Beautiful Mandala Panels for Creative Embroidery





Good morning, stitching world. Hope you are well and enjoying your embroidery!


Our new book, Freestyle Embroidered Mandalas has arrived in Cape Town and we also launched it at BATB in Adelaide, Australia earlier this month. I think it’s a gorgeous book – very happy with the results. Hopefully, you too will like it and find it a useful addition in your library. There’s something in there for everyone, from the beginner to the advanced, and you can use the beautiful mandala patterns for colouring in as well!



I have uploaded five of the designs in the book that we embroidered in full colour. These beautiful Mandalas by the well-known artist, Monique Day-Wilde are simply perfect for all kinds of creative embroidery.

Have a look here for where to buy the book. It should be in all good bookstores in most countries very soon. 


Freestyle Embroidered Mandalas


 Would love to hear your thoughts about the book. 


These are the five mandalas that we embroidered in full colour… you are able to purchase the printed panels from us here.


Daisy Chain






Reflection Panel


Country Living-Mandala



Have a good Thursday, everyone!