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A talented painter and embroiderer from Romania


♫♥♫♫♥ Hello stitching world! I have something beautiful to show you today, really lovely ribbon and thread embroidery by Leahu Marina Pavel (Ляху Марина) who is originally from Romania and now living in Moscow. I just love her style!

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Leahu Marina Pavel2


Maria wrote to me:

“Several years ago I found your books unexpectedly. And I was very impressed by them! I was so much fascinated by the beauty of your art that I started to embroider the whole pictures by myself. I was ill for a long time and I was operated on my heart. I had to spend two years recovering. With time I found my own style of the embroidery. But it based on the lessons from your books, of course!

I am from Romania, but I live in Moscow. I was educated as a painter and now I practise icon-painting and restoration.

P.S. This letter was translated into English by my friends because I don’t speak English, I speak only Romanian and Russian.  

Sincerely Yours

Leahu Marina Pavel.


And here is another beauty  

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Leahu Marina Pavel1


 Thank you dear Marina for sharing you wonderful talent with us!

 I will share more lovely pieces as I receive them from embroiderers across the world. Please, send your pictures to me on

Have a good week everybody