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Mandala in silk ribbon

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I have something lovely to show you today, by the super-talented, Kristina Nilsson of  CREATIVE EMBROIDERY OF SWEDEN


I love Kristina’s work and she was kind enough to share her beautiful mandala with all of us…


Mandala-Kristina Nilsson1



Kristina wrote:  I was inspired by a Mandala image and this is my interpretation, embroidered with silk ribbons…

Best regards Kristina


Kristina Nilsson


Vägen söderut 77, 941 65 Piteå – Sweden –


Mandala-Kristina Nilsson2


Here are more close-up details…


Mandala-Kristina Nilsson3





Mandala-Kristina Nilsson4


Don’t you think it’s fabulous?


Mandala-Kristina Nilsson5


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Till next time, happy stitching!