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Inspiration on World Embroidery Day


Hello, stitching world! I hope you are having a good weekend. It’s a cool and cloudy day in Cape Town, perfect for embroidery. Tomorrow the 30 July is World Embroidery Day and so I thought it was a good occasion to show you some new creations.

 A Daisy cuff or bracelet

Here I combined silk ribbon embroidery with a felted band for a Marguerite daisy bracelet and I hope this will inspire to make lovely things for yourself too. It was fun and easy to make…..

This is one of the projects in a new book that I created with the super-talented, Toody Cassidy and Razaan Jakoet from Cape Town  The Art of Felting and Silk Ribbon Embroidery.



What do you think of it? It’s lovely to wear in the winter or fall with a long- sleeve jersey…. 


and some colourful Nasturtiums to make your day 🙂


Nasturtiums on silk


And more inspiration for you on this very special weekend for all embroiderers across the world…. a Pansy case on Nuno felt, also featured step-by-step in the new book.


A sunglasses case


Textile Artist_Felting

This book will be out next month….

and you are welcome to read more about it here

Adding another piece to inspire you, Fuchsias on a wool and silk background. Click on the images to enlarge…


Until next time, enjoy tomorrow and isn’t it nice being part of a global community of embroiderers?

Diagram of a Fuchsia-Di van Niekerk



Have fun!