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Something really special by Lyudmila Deineko


♫♬♪  Hello stitching world — it’s been another beautiful, sunny day in Cape Town and to brighten up your day, I have something really special to show you by Lyudmila Deineko from Perm in Russia….


…. A magnificent wreath of Roses, for a special time of the year 🙂



1. A magnificent Rose Wreath by Lyudmila Deineko from Perm in Russia



…and here are the close-up details. 



2 by Lyudmila Deineko from Perm in Russia



See how Lyudmila used the folded ribbon rose method to make the centre of some roses?  

You will also learn how on page 31 and 41 of my Roses book

She made the outer petals in loose, puffed ribbon stitch.  


The open roses are made by gathering the ribbon and stitching it into shape.

The leaves are ribbon stitch and the small daisies are straight stitch or padded straight stitch…..



3 by Lyudmila Deineko from Perm in Russia



See how the daisies and open roses all have a yellow centre to form the stamens?

This is so important for a realistic  finish.

To make the stamens, you could use silk ribbon or thread and form French knots close together.



4 by Lyudmila Deineko from Perm in Russia



To make the dark green stems of the leaves, use silk ribbon and twisted straight stitch.

Twist the needle until the ribbon coils before inserting your needle back into the fabric.


Hint: Allow the needle to hang off the back of your work so the ribbon untwists itself, before making the next stitch.

This will prevent loops from forming at the back of your work. Repeat for the next stem. 


To make the flat, light green stems of the leaves: use ribbon or thread and back stitch, adding the tiny leaves in ribbon or straight stitch.


5  by Lyudmila Deineko from Perm in Russia


Thank you, dear Lyudmila, for bringing such beauty into our lives 







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    1. ممنون.زیبا بود.کاش امکان کلیک راست در سایت برای ذخیره عکسها را فراهم کنید.

  1. Bonjour de la France. Ces créations sont absolument superbes. je les suivait déja puisque j’étais abonnée à vos news. EZn découvrant votre blog je me suis aussi inscrite. J’ai plusieurs de vos livre et commande les feuilles de soie à imprimer dans le sud de la France. Mais déjà imprimée me tente encore plus. Je vous dis à bientôt en vous souhaitant de bonne fêtes de fin d’année.

  2. Beautiful work, quite amazing. How long did it take to produce this?

    Would it be possible to put a ruler or a thimble (or something we all would recognise and know the size of) into the photograph so we can know the dimensions of the works please?

    Happy Christmas or whatever else you may celebrate at this time, be safe, well fed and healthy.

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