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Ideas for heirloom bootees with silk ribbon



Heirloom Bootees by Di van Niekerk  


Hello stitching world, hope you are having a good day!   Today I thought I would give you some ideas of what to do with hand-knitted bootees that need a little bit extra for a special occasion.



Hand-knitted bootees are always a popular gift, and I will show you how to embroider them with ribbon to make a beautiful heirloom for a precious baby in your life….  


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Pink Rose Bootees



What you need:  


  • Ribbons: Di van Niekerk’s hand-painted pure silk ribbons: 


For the roses: 4 mm  pink 43  or  blue 123 or  yellow 146 or  lavender 81  

For the leaves: 4 mm green 32 or 33

For the lacy edging: use blue or green ribbons (above) for the lacy edging.


  • Thread: Use a matching colour thread (six-strand thread) for the foundation stitches (spokes) of spider-web rose.
  • Needle:  Size 20 or 22 tapestry or chenille needle for the silk ribbon.
  • Needle: Size 8 or 9 crewel needle to form the foundation spokes of the rose.
  • Hand-knitted booties: similar to the ones shown in the photographs above and below.
  • Plus the instructions and stitch diagrams that follow.



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Pale Pink Rose Bootees





Note: As you start and end each time, use the thread to anchor the tails of the ribbon securely. End off threads well. Always take into account that loose ends may unravel and harm the baby.


To make the roses:

Heirloom Bootees


Make the centre of the spider-web rose about 1 cm (¼ inch) away from the edge. Work on the front part of the bootee as shown in the drawing opposite.


Make 5 spokes (about 1 cm or ¼ inch long) with 2 strands of a matching thread.


Start with a knot at the long end and insert needle into the wool so that the knot embeds itself in the wool.


Or use a waste knot which can be re-threaded and secured later.






    Spider-web rose





Use a size 20 or 22 tapestry or chenille needle and thread up with a length of pink, blue, yellow, lilac or lavender ribbon.


Come up from the inside of the bootee and leave a tail that can be anchored (on the wrong side) with the thread.


Make a spider-web rose as shown in the diagram above.  


Use green silk ribbon to make 4 or 5 leaves in detached chain-stitch (Lazy Daisy stitch)




 Detached Chain stitch










Microsoft Word - Heirloom Booties




Hint: If you like, use a longer length of blue or green ribbon and overcast the lacy edge of the bootee for an interesting effect.    


Insert the needle a few millimetres away from the edge, stitching over and back into the bootee again a short distance away. Use a gentle tension throughout and end off well by running the needle under the stitches and using thread and tiny stitches to secure extra well.


Go back to all the stitches made and check that they are all well-secured.         









Note: As you start and end each time, use the thread to anchor the tails of the ribbon securely. Always take into account that loose ends may unravel and harm the baby.



I used the same stitches for this happy little fellah






… and for the bootees I made an organza bag. A good idea is to purchase the ready-made bags and embellish them with the left-over ribbons and add a bead or two.



A super gift idea



Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and that your bootees will be gorgeous!


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I will write another tutorial soon.



Have a lovely day and happy stitching. 


Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday. I am travelling to Johannesburg to be with my mum and my family for her 80th birthday. Precious Mum!