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Wild Orchids, Violets, Roses and Blue Salvia with silk ribbon


Hello stitching world ♬❤♬❤♬ I thought you would enjoy seeing this gorgeous piece 



Claudia ordered the kit from us, titled JK4 Wild Orchids, Violets, Roses, Blue Salvia…. and this is what she made!


Don’t you think it’s fabulous? I just love the frame!


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 JK4 Wild Orchids, Violets, Roses, Blue Salvia by Claudia Cuniberti


So I asked her to tell me more about herself and this is what she wrote in Italian and roughly translated it means:


“My name is Claudia Cuniberti, I live in Italy in Piedmont, I have always loved to embroider but three years ago I decided to retire from work to dedicate myself to this passion.

I had learned to love silk ribbon embroidery, knowing her than for me it is the biggest star in firmament of this art.

I learned looking at other pieces and I made of paintings and then I started to draw my patterns.

I also love to dye as I have the thirst for finding the right tone. In Italy ribbon embroidery is not very well known but since I opened a Facebook group: passione per il ricamo which now has 12,400 members, we have come to know.

I really love to experiment more with new fabrics, new colors and shape and life to my flowers, I hope one day to become a good half of what she is to me!

With estimates, Claudia”



2 Claudia Cuniberti-a beauty


Thank you dear Claudia for sharing your passion for this wonderful art form. I am sure you will have inspired many an embroiderer today!

For those who would like to know more, the kit is available here.


Take care everybody, and remember that even if you spend 20 minutes a day embroidering, it helps to relieve the stress of our hectic lifestyles, of that I am certain!


Would love to hear what you have to say about this.