Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Lovely gifts by Dagmar Thiel from Germany


Hello stitching world ◕‿◕ hope you are well and happy.

I have some fabulous inspiration for you today by the extremely talented Dagmar Thiel from Beerfelden in Germany.


Dagmar wrote:


The parcel has arrived today and I am sooooooooooo happy! I finally have the books even with a personal dedication from you. That is great! I am so proud and happy! And I can´t wait to start all the projects. My husband immediately liked the Orange tree in the “Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork” book and I guess I will start with this one.


I am familiar with stumpwork techniques as I participated in 2 stumpwork classes in London, Hampton Court Palace, at the Royal School of Needlework and the Embroiderer´s Guild a while ago.


I also practised some medieval Goldwork when I copied a 15th century embroidery of a chasuble……with many, many tiny stitches in couching techniques with golden thread and needle painting with silk thread.


 Gold work by Dagmar Thiel



I am new to silk ribbon embroidery but also practised some smaller flowers and now want to learn more from your books… (see the pictures…these were presents which I have created for the guests of my birthday party)


Click on the image to enlarge


 1-by Dagmar Thiel from Beerfelden in Germany



Let me also thank you for the gifts which you have added! Again, I am so excited and happy!


I wrote to Dagmar to tell her how impressed I was with her gorgeous pieces and to ask her if I could share her beautiful gifts with all of you and she replied:


“Thanks a lot for your compliments for my work. These were my first steps and projects with silk ribbon embroidery. I am excited to now climb the next level 🙂


I have visited your Facebook site already and I am looking forward check out networking and get inspired by what others create…

It´s a pity you are so far away. I would love to participate in some workshops.


It´s a lovely sunny day today here in Germany and I will go out now enjoy late summer sunshine…

This evening I will plan my next project from your Roses book……or the orange tree…???  :-)….


Best regards,



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 2-by Dagmar Thiel from Beerfelden in Germany



And here is each individual piece that Dagmar made for her friends. Don’t you think they are lovely? 



3-by Dagmar Thiel from Beerfelden in Germany




4-by Dagmar Thiel from Beerfelden in Germany




5-by Dagmar Thiel from Beerfelden in Germany





6-by Dagmar Thiel from Beerfelden in Germany




7-by Dagmar Thiel from Beerfelden in Germany




8-by Dagmar Thiel from Beerfelden in Germany




9-by Dagmar Thiel from Beerfelden in Germany



I hope her talent with silk ribbon will take Dagmar very far and I look forward to seeing what she makes from the Roses and RES books!


Thank you Dagmar for sharing your talent with all of us and have a good day today stitching world!


Until next time…..


Happy Stitching Everybody, maybe Dagmar’s ideas will inspire you to make lovely gifts for your special friends!