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Trish Burr


Hello! I hope you are well and happy, wherever you are in this world.


Do you live in Johannesburg or will you be travelling to Johannesburg in October?


Then I have good news for you….


My friend Trish Burr will be teaching there! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity….


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Nuthatch In Spring by Trish Burr

Nuthatch in Spring Needle-Painting project



Class details:

Trish Burr is teaching a two day workshop in Johannesburg on 12th October 2015.  If you are interested in attending you can find details here. 


Trish is teaching the Nuthatch in Spring Needle-Painting project.


Have a look at her gorgeous Needlepainting and Whitework designs. 


Provençal Landscape by Trish Burr




Lilac Breasted Roller 2 by Trish Burr



and more beauty to make your day…



Chickadeeby Trish Burr



I will show more of Trish’s beautiful pieces and you are welcome to subscribe here for free to stay in touch.


Enjoy your Friday!