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Jacqui O’ Connell’s JK3 Roses Fuchsias hydrangeas & Jasmine


Hello Stitching World ◕‿◕  Today I have a lovely piece to show you ….

Jacqui O’Connell JK3 Roses, Fuchsias, hydrangeas & Jasmine that will surely inspire you today.



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#3 Roses Fuchsias Hydrangeas & Jasmine



Jacqui is a very talented teacher and stockist from her studio: Ribbon Room in Randburg, Johannesburg and she kindly wrote a list of what she used to create this lovely piece.


The Fuchsias and the Hydrangea…





and the Rose and Jasmine…






You can purchase the A4 size panel (the same size that Jacqui used) here.


List of Materials Required:


Di van Niekerk’s Silk Ribbons:

4 mm ribbon – #131, #142

7 mm ribbon – #38, #81, #88, #103, #138, #143

13 mm ribbon – #108

32 mm ribbon – #108,


Di van Niekerk’s Organza Ribbon:

15 mm ribbon – #108


DMC Threads: six-strand cotton thread


#370, #420, #520, #642, #928, #3022, #3032, #3363, #3364, #3687



  • Invisible Thread
  • Fray Check
  • Pink Cake Decorating Stamens
  • Felt Material
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter Glue in Mother of Pearl colour
  • Madeira Metallic thread #300 or any white metallic thread.




Leaves and Stems

  • Ribbon leaves:

Use 7 mm silk ribbon #143 and 13 mm silk ribbon #140 and make Ribbon Stitches.

Secure with DMC #642 thread.


  • Stems: With a combination of DMC thread #3032, #520, #3022, make the stems in Stem Stitch.
  • Make the brown stems in the same way, but use 4 mm silk ribbon #131.


Leaves (Stumpwork):

  • DMC Threads combination: #3022, #928, #3364, #3363, #520, #420, #370


Small Leaves (Jasmine):

  • Do in 4 mm silk ribbon # 142 in combination of ribbon stitch and Lazy Daisy stitches.

2 x Green Stems below Purple Violets:

  • 2 mm Silk Ribbon #17


Jasmine Flowers:

  • 7 mm Silk Ribbon #103 in ribbon stitches with centre in DMC thread #3687


Jasmine on Table:

  • 7 mm Silk Ribbon #103 in ribbon stitch


  • Long petals and buds: 7 mm Silk Ribbon #138
  • Trumpets: 15 mm Organza ribbon #108 with gathered stitch
  • Pink stamens in centre to be secured with invisible thread.


Two open Roses:

  • 32 mm Silk Ribbon #108 centres folded with loose petals secured with Fray Check and rolled with Glue Stick.
  • Attach all with DMC thread #3687


Rosebud on Table (Left):

  • 32 mm Silk Ribbon #108 folded centre with loose leaves attached as for open roses 

Rosebuds (Closed Left):

  • Large bud: Felt covered with 13 mm silk ribbon #108.
  • Two smaller buds: 7 mm Silk Ribbon #38


Glass Vase:

  • Outline with Madeira Metallic thread #300 and add horizontal lines on the vase.
  • Enhance the above with Glitter Glue in Mother of Pearl colour.


I hope you enjoyed seeing this lovely piece and thank you, dear Jacqui, for sharing your talent with all of us.

Have a good Monday!







PS.  This beautiful design, painted by Jill Kirstein and embroidered by Emma Kriegler, is also available in the larger (A3) size in kit-form. You are welcome to read more about it here.