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I’ve been having fun with your silk and a Pleater

Hello everybody, I received this super idea from my friend Karen Fraser from California. Karen always comes up with innovative ideas and this one is brilliant…..


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6 pleated flower



Karen wrote:


These do not take long to make…. so… used a Pleater.  This is your 32mm silk ribbon, colour 99.



2 pleater




I’ve been having fun with your silk and a Pleater


So much fun and so easy to do if you have a pleater.  It is just a matter of adjusting the needles to the width of the ribbon…

I used your No. 99 32 mm width.  For the double pleated flower I used 4 packets of colour 99. 

14 x  12 inch (30 cm) pieces.  I angled the ends and hand stitched them. 



1 pleated silk ribbon




They are so easy to do, you could do several roses in a morning. 



3 pleated petals




I used these…


4 for the centre of the flower


for the centre of the flower…



5 pleated flower



Here are a couple more photos….



 6 pleated flower


it is fun to do a couple of widths at the same time or use organza and silk… so much fun. 

What makes it so wonderful is your silk.  When I return I will do more… so delightfully easy.


7 pleated flower



Silk and organza ribbon…



8 pleated flower


Thank you Karen and I hope you had fun teaching at Piecemakers!


Enjoy the rest of this week stitching world and hold thumbs that the fires in Cape Town are brought under control very soon. So much damage already.


Take care







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