African Sunshine

Hot African Sunshine for you


Hello stitching world, it’s Friday and I am sending you a bit of Africa to brighten up your weekend!  



I know many of you are surrounded by snow and ice, so I thought I would send you some lovely photos to warm you up. These were sent to me by Daphne Wilmot from Botswana. 



An African sky before a rain storm…          click on the images to enlarge


African Sky



And look who is feeling sleepy …





Thinking about…




Having a nap….




Oh yes, just what the doctor ordered.


…and now these guys can relax!



African Sun 3



and sending everyone in the cold countries the hottest African sunshine to warm you up.


Happy weekend everybody!


Thank you Daphne for sharing your beautiful country, Botswana, with all of us.






Click on this image to enlarge

African Sun 4