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Water Lilies for you ….



Good morning everybody. It’s a beautiful warm day in Cape Town – hope you are having a good Tuesday!


Today I thought I would show you a lovely piece embroidered by Anna Dunaevskaya, originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, now living in Petit Paris, France
I love the way she has twirled the stems of the water lilies and how she has created life-like flowers with simple ribbon stitches.



Thank you for sharing your beautiful ribbon embroidery with us Anna and enjoy your day everyone ♥


6 thoughts on “Water Lilies for you ….”

  1. Love your work, Anna; and thank you for letting Di share it with the rest of us out here! Look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous work.

  2. thank you a lot for sharing my works with publicks , it means a lot for me
    thank you for watching and admiring,its my passion and my soul

  3. Its Wonderful Anna and I love it very much.thanks for sharing with us.what you get for strings ?
    Good luck Anna.

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