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Box of Lessons 15 (Vintage Roses) Complete Kit



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♫♥♫♥♫ Beautiful NEW! Vintage Roses kit for the complete beginner and the advanced


Box Full of Lessons 15… 



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Box 15 Vintage Roses




Learn (step-by-step) how to create beautiful Vintage Roses with fabric and ribbon and use the technique to create designer roses for felt hats, brooches, hair slides.

Make an accessory for a handbag, for shoes, for that very special dress or jacket…. the possibilities are endless!

Suitable for all levels! No experience is necessary.

 Vintage Rose kit - Box of lessons 15




Easy to make and the close-up photographs will teach you step-by-step in close-up detail…  


Vintage Roses for you



The VINTAGE ROSES kit contains



White felt to work onto. 15cm (6”) square

2 x milliners’ needles size 8 or 9

2 x embroidery needle size 8 or 9

2 x chenille needles size 20 or 22

Pink fabric for petals – hand-painted

Yellow fabric for stamens – hand-painted

Darker green fabric for sepals and buds

Green taffeta – Medium to dark green fabric for leaves, hand-painted

Pale brown/green fabric for leaves – hand-painted

Pink fabric for buds – hand-painted

3 skeins of thread – 2 green and 1 pink. Six-strand cotton

0.3mm wire – 20 pieces pre-cut to 24cm lengths

1 x 4mm silk ribbon no. 117 or 118 or 79

1 x  7 mm silk ribbon no. 26 or 24

Brooch pin x 1

Hairclip x 1 to use instead of the brooch pin

Bead and ribbon for rose-hip

CD to use on your computer or laptop with the step-by-step instructions and clear detailed photography – easy to follow instructions suitable for the complete beginner to this art form. Written and photographed by Di van Niekerk

Colour pictures to guide you as you work

Plus a free gift: Red and lavender satin-chiffon fabric to make more beautiful roses – red and lavender, what more could a girl want?



Vintage Roses


And this is a beauty made by my friend Karen Fraser from Piecemakers in California. Karen made the rose from a kit that I had sent to her and she added little-beaded stalks. Don’t you think it is gorgeous?


Vintage Rose by Karen Fraser from California

and this beauty was made by Valentina Razenkova from St. Petersburg, Russia. 


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Vintage Rose by Valentina Razenkova



So, you see, you too can learn how to make beautiful rose accessories and surprise your family and friends with a lovely gift!






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  1. Hi Di. I took a few lessons from you when you had the shop at Rock Cottage. I now live in the USA. How do you send packs over here and how would I know the price of the postage?

    1. Hi Dana, good to hear from you again. Yes we do ship to USA and once you have placed your order online, Renn will send you a quote for the cost of the postage and you are able to OK it or not.
      If not, she will issue a full refund.
      The reason why we need to do this is: each kit has different components and the weight depends on other goods ordered at the same time. So it is best to weigh the parcel once it is ready and to send you a quote. Have a good Monday!
      Kindest regards

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