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Another beautiful blue bench in a rose garden


Hello stitching world ♫♥♫ hope you are well and happy! 


Marina Kukuy



Here is PART 2 of the Blue Bench in a Rose Garden by Marina Kukuy from Russia.


Marina’s entry for the silk ribbon embroidery competition was also the

Blue Bench in a rose garden, and here is her lovely rendition.





Bench in a rose garden


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1 Bench in a rose garden by Marina Kukuy




She wrote a little about herself:

“My name Marina Kukuy and I am from Russia. I have been embroidering for about 5 years and have learned a lot from your books.  

I was stunned by the beauty of Helen Eriksson’s embroidery too. It seemed very difficult to me. I started collecting Di van Niekerk’s books and began to learn to embroidery through them.

I am the owner of the Network Design Studio and I apply embroidery on curtains for decoration, interior decoration and clothing. I get my inspiration from everywhere: books, advertisements, landscapes and landscape designs of my students. My dream is to get a new book by Di van Niekerk with the author’s signature.




Close-up details.


I just love her little basket!

 2 little basket


And the way she made the straw hat…


5 hat



and grass & leaves…


3 grass and leaves


and roses 🙂


4 Roses




She also entered Children Fishing, which I thought you would like to see…


Click on the image to enlarge


2 Children Fishing by Marina Kukuy



Thank you, Marina, for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us.


Spring Blossoms


3 Blossoms from children fishing by Marina Kuykuy



Wild flowers


2 children fishing by Marina Kuykuy




Next time I will show you a beautiful place by Tamara Sherstuk from Nakhodka. 


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Have a good week everybody! Winter is almost here and it’s much colder now…. perfect embroidery weather.




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  1. Felicitation Marina les broderies sonts MAGNIFIQUES bonne journée Marie-Claire

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