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Pasig City. Philippines


Hello everybody, I have good news for you. We now have a friendly, talented stockist in the Philippines!


Her name is Sharon C. Nava and her business is in Pasig City under the name: 


Dainty Dream Designs/ Beyond Dainty Etsy Store.






Sharon keeps my books, ribbons, panels for embroidery AND she teaches silk ribbon embroidery. She does orders by mail as well. 


These are her contact details:


Address of Shop

822 Mansanas Street Napico Manggahan Pasig City

Telephone Number +6327480872

Mobile Number +639424749021

E-mail Address

Click for Website Address 

Shop Hours: Online Shop


Chair and hat PM067



Welcome on board, Sharon! It is a pleasure to know you and we wish you much success 🙂



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  1. quisiera saber si envian sus productos a Uruguay, de ser haci como debo hacer para



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