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Girl Reaching by Pravi Mohan

Good Morning stitching world!
I have a  lovely rendition of “girl reaching” by Pravinya Mohan to show you today. Thank you, Pravi for sharing with all of us 🙂


Happy day everybody. It’s the last week to work on new book Little Flowers in silk and organza ribbon by Di van Niekerk and Marina Zherdeva…. deadline is Monday 16 September.


Hold thumbs for us!


Then, I will write a blog with all the news and new ideas  


Girl Reaching by Pravinya Mohan






3 thoughts on “Girl Reaching by Pravi Mohan”

  1. This is so beautiful that after I opened my email, I had to ask my husband to come over to view my computer screen!!! It took my breath away! Thank you for sharing.

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