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Hike over Vlakkenberg


Hello! Thought I would show you where we hiked the last two weekends. Last Sunday we hiked from Groot Constantia to Vlakkenberg and the views were spectacular.


Overlooking Constantia…. a little to the right of this picture is Groot Constantia, the oldest wine estate in South Africa.



1 On Vlakkenberg looking over Constantia



And we saw this Disa (Cape orchid)¬†Disperis Capensis also known as Moederkappie or Granny Bonnet…

So cute!



Disa Granny Bonnet




and this little Ground Protea Acaulos (Common Ground Sugarbush) which is pollinated by little mice….



Ground Protea




On Saturday we hiked from Hout Bay to Constantia Nek. This hike was 10/10 for its beauty and diversity. We hiked from about 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon and it was so, so beautiful. Everything fresh and new from the rain…




We started here at the East Fort, Hout Bay….



1 we started here in Hout Bay



Click on the images to enlarge


Paradise ūüôā



2 Hout Bay hike




These children looked like little pixies in the bush and they were really having great fun.



3 Pixies in the bush




The views were amazing… This is Hout Bay below:



4 The view





The fynbos…Protea, Erica, Leucodendron, Buchu…



5 The fynbos



and the weather was perfect for a winter’s day¬†


Thank you Linda Rose!


6 The view




Have a Happy Monday