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Strawberries and baskets, roses and wicker chairs – a beautiful combination


Good morning stitching world! Long time no write….  and there is a good reason for this 🙂


I am working non-stop on a set of new designs for a beautiful book which I am writing with Marina Zherdeva from Moscow.


I am sure many of you will agree: when this kind of creative energy abounds, most (if not all) of us tend to lose track of time. You agree?


Here is one of my new creations for our new book: Strawberry Blossoms.

What do you think? Do you like the concept? Embroidered onto crushed silk organza, the strawberries are made from silk and organza ribbon….



A glimpse of the Strawberry Blossoms by Di van Niekerk for new book Little Flowers due April 2014



There are so many gorgeous flowers to choose from, I cannot wait to show you the book next year, as soon as it is published. In the meantime, please excuse me when I am a bit quiet on the blog…. it will be worth it in the end 🙂


Today I have a lovely design to brighten up this special day – Mandela’s 95th birthday – and I am sure you will join me in wishing him a very happy birthday Tata! May God Bless you.


Click on image to enlarge


By Adele Tyler from KZN, South Africa



Basket, Roses and wicker chairs – a beautiful combination by Adele Tyler from Uvongo KZN, South Africa. Thank you Albie for sending Adele’s gorgeous piece to us to share with the world today.


News about the competition book:


It is now available for Kindle readers and as a PDF download for your computer iPad/tablet, and it will soon be available as a print on demand book via Crate Space an Amazon. I am waiting to hear when it will be available in printed format via Amazon, and will send out a newsletter with all the latest news. You are most welcome to join and stay in touch with the latest updates. 


Until next time, have fun!




5 thoughts on “Strawberries and baskets, roses and wicker chairs – a beautiful combination”

  1. Gorgeous, so lifelike. Roll on April 2014 for your new book, you’re inspirational. Elle

  2. I just recently discovered this craft and I truly love your works.I cant wait to try it myself.

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