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Geraniums and roses



Hello stitching world *-*

Hope you are having a good Monday. To inspire you…. I have a lovely piece to show you by Elena Shadrina from Moscow. I had the pleasure of meeting Elena last October in Moscow and was so impressed with her work.


Here is an example of a lovely landscape. Click on the images to enlarge


A masterpiece by ELENA SHADRINA from Moscow



and close-up detail…



2 by ELENA SHADRINA from Moscow


and more close-up detail… I love the colours!



3 by ELENA SHADRINA from Moscow



Close-up detail of the Geranium leaves – most effective.



4 by ELENA SHADRINA from Moscow





5 by ELENA SHADRINA from Moscow



and don’t you love her red roses?



6 by ELENA SHADRINA from Moscow


 Thank you Elena for sharing this lovely piece with us and for the inspiration!


Have a good week everyone. My wish for you is:

may you have enough time every day to work on your embroidery 






5 thoughts on “Geraniums and roses”

  1. That is gorgeous work. The geranium leaves are perfect – are they appliques?
    Also, can anyone tell me what the word above the door means? I can translate it into the English alphabet from the Cyrillic but have no idea what a LODARKI be. I guess it could be a flower shop, lol.

  2. Gostaria de saber se existe livro sobre a técnica de bordado em fitas. Moro no Brasil. Grata

  3. Dear RENN This is a very very beautiful frame…I went buy this picture in Malaysia YEE BUTTONS but they did not have this picture. Even though i bought some other printed pictures and some ribbons.My son is studying in Johanasburg. Once i want to visit him.At that time surely i will visit you and want learn some new method. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Take care….From Roshan Lalitha.

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