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A shawl of Roses


Hello everybody ^•^ I hope you had a lovely weekend….

I have something beautiful to help brighten up your day.

Titled “Lady with a Shawl of Roses” and embroidered by the talented Irina Shehvorostova from Simferopol in the Ukraine.


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 1 by Irina Shehvorostova to Simferopol (Ukraine)



I love the shawl of Roses…


Irina used a beautiful piece of lace for the shawl and placed folded ribbon roses inside….




2 by Irina Shehvorostova to Simferopol (Ukraine)



Don’t you love the roses….



3 by Irina Shehvorostova to Simferopol (Ukraine)



Thank you Irina for brightening up our day 


Have a good week stitching world. I am working on the newsletter about our trip to France and England and the launch of two beautiful new kits and a free pattern to download. To stay in touch, you are welcome to subscribe for free.


Until later, happy stitching and have a good week!






4 thoughts on “A shawl of Roses”

  1. I just came upon this site from links in Pinterest. This particular piece caught my eye because of the wonderful use of lace. I need to read more of this site to find out how to make the background? How was her body & face made? Is it printed on the fabric? I am a beginner and hope to try the ribbon roses and perhaps buy the kit but at this point, it is far, far beyond my ability. Also, I do hope that your friend, Irina Shehvorostova is safe in light of the serious troubles in the Ukraine.

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