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Roses and Pansies

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I have some beautiful works to show you and they are sure to brighten up your weekend…



In my workshop in Kiev, Ukraine, I met up with a lovely person, who has a wonderful talent with silk ribbon.

Her name is Vera Kryvogub and she has a studio and teaches silk ribbon embroidery in Kiev.


Vera is an accomplished embroiderer and has been busy with needlecraft since childhood.

She started with ribbon embroidery five years ago, has participated in international exhibitions, teaches silk ribbon embroidery and loves spending time with her students in Kiev….


Her pride is her students. Many have themselves become teachers in embroidery.

She has a deep love for embroidering on different things: pillows, handbags, boxes, amongst others.


Vera wrote to me: “with gratitude for the knowledge obtained during the master classes, love Vera”


Here is the handbag that I taught her on the Friday….she completed it that night!


Click on the image to enlarge.






and this is her Hussif (Handy-hold-all) that I taught her on the Saturday. Don’t you think they are lovely?







Vera will be teaching her students the silk ribbon embroidery on felted backgrounds and I look forward to seeing their creations. I saw her pieces at the workshop and was enthralled with her roses….






and her Pansies are magnificent 🙂


Click on the image to enlarge





Thank you Vera, for sharing your talent with us and I hope to see you again next year in October at the Master’s Golden hands International exhibition and fair in Kiev.


Enjoy your weekend, stitching world. I will write about my trip to Russia and Ukraine in this month’s newsletter and you are welcome to subscribe for free to stay in touch.






~ ♥ ~


Photo of some of the students from my workshop in Kiev. They are at Ewa Kokoszka’s stand at the show. Ewa is on the left and Vera Kryvogub is standing next to her (second from the left)

Ewa is from Wałbrzych in Poland, and Ewa too does beautiful ribbon embroidery.




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  1. Dear Di,
    I am very happy to see my works in your blog – it is a great honour for me. I show a bag with all my friends and they say: “roses alive”. Thank you for teaching me how to make great rose. With love, Vera.

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