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Success in Kyiv, Ukraine



Greetings from Beautiful Kiev in the Ukraine :))


I am very pleased to tell you that my workshops were a success! We all had a wonderful time and I am humbled by the vast talent of the Ukrainian and Russian embroiderers.


The work that I have seen is magnificent… out of this world. So much kindness and hospitality has been shown at the Master’s Golden Hands International Exhibition, and every minute has been an inspiration to me.


I wish you could see the beadwork – simply sublime…… and the porcelain dolls, so different and just exquisite. Teddy bears like I have never seen, antique lace a hundred years old, jewellery to dream about …. and so much more.


One day, you must visit this show – you will not be sorry!

We are heading for St Petersburg and I will send you news from there.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend




4 thoughts on “Success in Kyiv, Ukraine”

  1. Dear Di,

    It sounds liike an awesome trip! Please take lots of pictures so that we can see some of their work. I am new to your site and would like you to know how inspiring it is.

    Thank you,
    Dee Roberts

  2. Dear Di,
    Thank you so much for your class in Kiev! We all enjoyed it tremendously! And I agree with you – Kiev is delightful, people are so nice and there’s lots of talent there. I was inspired by the exhibition too! I stood with a Teddy Bear in my hands at one of the booths like a little girl…
    I’m already back home in Abu Dhabi. Gotta finish the project we started in the class… When it’s done I’ll send you a photo.
    I got some other work of mine on this page:
    I posted some pictures I took at the class in one of the albums, hope you don’t mind 🙂

    I hope to see you in another class somewhere around this world sometime again,


    1. Dear Anna

      I am pleased you are home safely and would like to tell how much I enjoyed meeting you! Thank you for all your help with the translating – I am very grateful. I will wait to see your photos of your roses and hope to see you again in Kyiv in October 2013 🙂

      I am planning to teach a beautiful landscape in silk ribbon embroidery and stumpwork. I think you will enjoy it!

      Take care and keep in touch

  3. Уважаемая ДИ!!!! Я очень рада, что познакомилась с Вами в Киеве на мастер-классе. Я закончила свой голубой органайзер для ленточек. Хотела бы получить комментарии по работе. Как можно переслать фотографии своей работы? Спасибо Вам за чудесный урок. Жду новых встреч. Татьяна

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