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From Moscow – a Flower Fairy for you


Good morning from Moscow, Russia :)) 

Today I am spending the day with a very special person: Marina Zherdeva, my friend and stockist in Moscow.


I have her beautiful Flower Fairies™ to show you and they will surely brighten up your day 🙂


The Guelder Rose Fairies….




and close-up detail….




and more close-up detail….





Don’t you just love how Marina has used my ribbons so skilfully to shade the lowers and the leaves?




I just love Marina’s leaves.


I hope these little girls have inspired you to make you very own little Fairy ~ ♥ ~

The Flower Fairy panels and ribbons are available from my stockists worldwide.


I will add some more gorgeous embroidery next week. You are welcome to subscribe and stay in touch.


We are having such a lovely time on this trip and it’s a great pleasure to meet so many talented embroiderers in Moscow. Thank you Marina for all your kindness.


Till next time…. до свидания





~ ♥ ~

11 thoughts on “From Moscow – a Flower Fairy for you”

  1. Спасибо очень красивая работа .Нежная ,изящная .С Мариной я знакома ,талантливая и трудолюбивая барышня .Дi спасибо .

    1. Изумительная работа! Где можно увидеть Ваши работы? Спасибо!

  2. This is some of the most delightful and beautiful work I have seen on your site. The way Marina has shaded the petals on the flowers is truly wonderful.

    Thank you for showing it and spasiba to Marina for making it.

  3. Magnificent! I’m impressed by the way Marina showed initiative by utilizing the entire picture to express her embroidery skill and creativity with silk ribbons [and not only do the obvious and merely highlight the other areas as some embroiderers often do]. It is always inspiring to see how other ’embroidery artists’ interpret an artwork.

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