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Some lovely ideas for making gifts in silk ribbon embroidery


Good afternoon stitching world ^•^


Today I have some concepts to show you which may inspire you to make a lovely gift for someone special.

Using letters, words and names, you can make a gift which is unique and personal …. and it is sure to brighten up their day 🙂





To make a lovely gift for a baby, you could print out a word (make the first letter with a fancy font) and trace it onto cotton fabric. Add some lovely spider-web roses or use a combination of spider-web and stem stitch to form the roses.


Make the stems in whipped-backstitch (as shown in the example above) and fill in the rest of the word with whipped back or chain stitch.


Cut out the embroidered piece to form a rectangular patch, turn in a small seam and apply it onto a baby’s bib or beenie with a slip stitch (like you would with the hem of a dress) as shown below….




To fasten it well, add a row of back stitch or running stitch so that is is safely secured onto the background…





Here I used blanket stitch to create a fancy edge…





With the word Cherish you could make a lovely box for a wedding couple, or for a new baby or …

for a house-warming gift.





If you like, you are welcome to download the word Free Design 29 and trace it onto your own fabric.

Make a lovely gift for that special someone. This is what it looks like below…





Create lovely gift cards or use the letter C to make a monogrammed guest towel… 

I have shown how to fill in a letter with raised stem stitch here.





The possibilities are endless. You could make a Dream journal for a special friend.

Embroider the Initial and cover a book…




or embellish a bag…. this is the Russian word for LOVE, and you can do the same in any language.





What about a loveable teddy bear with a personalised name?





And this one is sure to make your friend smile 🙂




and a little tote-bag is always a welcome gift.






and VOILÀ…. I hope this has inspired you to create beautiful gifts!


We are off to Russia and the Ukraine tomorrow to teach, and I will blog from Moscow, Kiev and St. Petersburg.

I am meeting so many talented embroiderers along the way and you are welcome to subscribe to see what I see on my journey.


Take care everyone and have a good weekend





~ ♥ ~

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  1. Amei seus lindos trabalhos!
    Tambem sou apaixonada por tudo isso!
    Suscesso, e Deus te abençoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Di мы ждём тебя в Санкт Петербурге .Очень рады познакомится и увидеться . До встречи с любовью .

  3. Merci beaucoup, c’est absolument ravissant, quelle créativité!!!!!.
    Bonne journée

  4. What a wonderful delight, when I stumbled upon your extraordinary site. Your work is gorgeous, but in this case the word seems inadequate. I have checked locally and will be able to purchase a few of your books, which pleases me immensely. Thank you so much for sharing; have a wonderful day and take care!

  5. Hi….I really like your work…dying to learn it…

    Sandeep Kaur

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