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A rose and a bird from Paris


Good morning stitching world :))


I have a gorgeous bag to show you by Françoise Marchal from Paris, France.


The rose….




The bag….




and the little bird 🙂




Françoise wrote to me: “Hello everyone!! My name is Françoise, I am French and I am living in the suburbs of Paris. After having practising quilting and cross stitching for few years, I have recently started taking interest in ribbon embroidery, stumpwork as well as the possibility of using them all on the same project. That gave a new lease on life to all my previous work and strongly increased my creativity towards new limitless horizons. Moreover, in addition to my professional occupation, I also give class of creative embroidery”


Thank you Françoise for sharing your beauty with all of us 


Have a good day everybody.





2 thoughts on “A rose and a bird from Paris”

  1. Me encantan todos tus trabajos y tu creatividad, le das vida!!!… Creo que tambien me voy a adicionar a bordar con cintas. Gracias por mostrarlos. Son Maravillosos!… Clary

  2. I agree with Franscois, if the bug has bitten you it is hard to get red of it again. Di,I also recently discovered this beutifull art through you and I am so hungry to just learn and learn. I just don’t seem to get enough of it !!!!!

    thank you so, so much Di.

    you have tought me to look to nature with different eyes now. And you know what is the most wonderfull thing of all ? I feel so much closer the My Father in heaven because now I can experience something of what He felt like when He created the earth !!!!!


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