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First International Quilt Convention in Africa



Hello stitching world ♥ I have some good news for you…


South Africa is hosting the FIRST International Quilt Convention Africa at Emperors Palace in

Johannesburg from 27 – 29 July 2012.


This amazing event includes an exhibition of over 250 quilts from overseas as well as Africa. 


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Sharon Calverley from Stitches magazine wrote to me:


“Two exhibits we have been especially proud to obtain are “The Unspoken Truth about Color – a dialogue in art quilts about racism.” A thought-provoking exhibition by the Fiber Artists for Hope group of America….


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…and “Tangle”, from the European Patchwork Meeting international contest 2011 – a selection of 35 quilts from all over the world. 


These are exceptional artworks and should not be confused with bed quilts — one of the quilts in the Unspoken Truth about Colour exhibition is valued at $23 000!


Don’t you just love:

“My dreams my quilts my dreams” by Elmine van der Walt from the “Dreams” collection.


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There will also be workshops presented by international as well as top South African teachers.


Online bookings for these close on 21 July 2012. 


In the AP&Q Theatre you can attend free lectures and demonstrations (which will be running all day) and in the Vendors Emporium you can not only shop, shop, shop, but also participate in promotions and lucky draws all through the day…


The entry fee is just R50 for adults and R25 for under 12’s – what a great way to spend a day! 


Please visit their website to find out more.


Enjoy your day everyone and happy stitching 🙂