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Knitted bag with silk ribbon embroidery


Hello stitching world ♫♬♪♫ Hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend.


 To inspire you this weekend….


A hand-knitted African mohair and wool handbag with silk ribbon roses...


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This is one of the projects that I will be teaching in next year in New Zealand at Koala Conventions


In this workshop, I will teach you how to make life-like roses and a garden of flowers on a knitted background.


The bag, knitted-by-hand with African Mohair and wool is exclusively for the Koala workshops — my mother (the knitter) has said that she will make just enough for the class, and not one extra, as each background for the bag takes hours to knit 🙂


It is ready to embroider with silk ribbon and other interesting fibres which are all included in the kit. In this two-day workshop you will learn all the secrets of creating a successful masterpiece using silk ribbon embroidery techniques.






An ideal workshop for those who would love to create a stunning and unique handbag with silk ribbon, thread, wool, beads and other interesting fibres. For more information and to book your place, you are welcome to visit the Koala site here 

OR if you would like to be advised as soon as the information is available, please email:  to ask about the Mohair Handbag workshop


Hope you enjoyed seeing this lovely piece and that all the knitters out there will be inspired to create with silk ribbon embroidery.


Have a lovely weekend and HAPPY stitching






10 thoughts on “Knitted bag with silk ribbon embroidery”

  1. Since I live in the USA and there is absolutely no way that I could possibly attend the class for the roses on lovely (!) knitted bag, would your mother consider selling her instructions to knit the bag? This is truly an incredible design, combining both elements! It is acknowledged that you would want to teach your class first before even considering releasing the knitted purse pattern.

    Please… do think it over. Beautiful, beautiful!!! Thank you

  2. I too live in the USA and would love to buy the instructions for the knitted bag, and buy the kit for the flowers from you! It’s breathtaking !
    Love to you Di & Renn!
    Sandy Fox
    Wichita KS

  3. What a stunning bag. I live in the UK and agree with Ethel Newman Could we please have the opportunity to pay for the instructions to knit this bag.

  4. The bag is stunning! I live in Namibia so the Koala Convention is definately not an option but it really would be nice to make the bag.

  5. من در ایران زندگی میکنم
    کاش میتوانستم در کلاسهای آموزشی شما شرکت کنم
    بسیار بسیار بسیار این کیسه یا کیف دستی قشنگ و زیبلست
    موفق باشید

  6. Bonjour,

    moi aussi j’aurai aimé avoir les explications pour faire ce sac ! Il est tellement beau, est ce que c’est possible ??
    Merci et très bonnes fêtes de fin d’année


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