Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon embroidery from Nakhodka

Bright and cheerful…


◕‿◕ Good morning to you… I have more beautiful designs to brighten up your weekend!  

By Valentina Ilkova from Nakhodka Russia. Don’t you just love her colours?


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Valentina Ilkova lives in Russia, in the small town of Nakhodka. She teaches silk ribbon embroidery and wrote to me: “I am happy to watch all the embroidery on your blog, fans of the bands of embroidery from other countries on Facebook. For me it’s like meeting with friends. Ribbon embroidery reduces the distance that brings people together.
Love, Valentina


 Here is another beauty by Valentina…




…and another :))




Thank you for sharing Valentina I am sure you will make many an embroiderer happy today with your wonderful talent!


Happy weekend…remember to take time out for yourself! 


Me? I am going hiking to find inspiration for a new Hussif I am making for my workshops in New Zealand next year 🙂


I have a lovely Fairy to show you by Debbie Gardiner Welman from Johannseburg next week. You are welcome to stay in touch:



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  1. Hi di,
    Thank you so much for the beutifulwork of Valentina.Thank you valentina for sharing your work. it’s so beautiful.I am a working person, but very much interested in this beautiful art of ribbon.

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