Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Silk ribbon embroidery by Irina


Hello  :-)) Hope your Tuesday is a good one – to make it even better, I have some lovely pieces to show you by Irina Podolyak (Ирина Подоляк ) from Moscow.


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Irina teaches silk ribbon embroidery and other kinds of embroidery as well. She is a member of the International Art Fund, a master of embroidery. Irina took part in many exhibitions; many of her embroidered pieces have been awarded diplomas. She writes and has published articles in journals, and holds workshops in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Irina wrote to me:


“Good afternoon. I have been embroidering for almost 10 years, working with designers, teaching embroidery ribbons, creating drawings and embroidered pieces. I am now a member of the International Art Fund, have participated in numerous Moscow and Moscow region. All-Russian exhibitions have many degrees of participation. My work is recognized as the best in various categories. I have published many articles in magazines on needlework “Wonderful Moments”, “Lena”, “Hand”, “Needlecraft” (UK).  I love to decorate the interior, soft cushions, reminiscent of summer, bright colours, bedspreads, curtains, embroidered – all this is a very decorated our lives. And what about embroidery on the clothes? Yes, definitely!”




And another of Irena’s masterpieces…



and more flowers for you :-))



I hope you enjoyed seeing these beauties — thank you Irina for sharing your talent with all of us 


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Enjoy the rest of this Tuesday






4 thoughts on “Silk ribbon embroidery by Irina”

  1. So beautiful and perfect. When I see all these embroidery masterpieces, I feel like hiding mine in a box. Just so wonderful and inspiring all the people sharing their work with us. Thank you

  2. These pieces are so beautiful… I am just a beginner, hope to do work like these one day!

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