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From Tetiana


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I have a beautiful basket of flowers for you by the talented Tetiana Korobeinyk from Foggia, Italy.

Don’t you just love the colours?


Close-up detail of her basket—click on the image to enlarge




Close-up detail of her flowers—click on the image to enlarge




Hope you enjoyed seeing Tetiana’s beautiful work.

Thank you Tetiana for sharing your talent with all of us and for brightening up our day 🙂


Enjoy your Wednesday everyone ♫♬♪




3 thoughts on “From Tetiana”

  1. Can someone please provide more information about this beautiful basket full of ribbon flowers by Tetiana. Is this a needlepoint canvas or painted fabric background. Does it have a stitch guide. Can the canvas and book/guide be bought. Such a wonderful piece Tetiana….donna burgess

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