Hints and tips from Di van Niekerk – Hint 1


Hints and tips from Di van Niekerk


Using Cling Wrap to protect your work


◕‿◕  Good morning…I thought you would enjoy a free hint when working on a three-dimensional design.


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If the loose-fitting appliqué or stumpwork shapes are bothering you whilst you stitch, or if they will be damaged by hard-working hands:  use a sheet of clear cellophane paper or plastic wrap (cling wrap or cling-film) to cover the entire design.


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  • Tape the sheet onto the edge of the design with masking tape and use pins to secure the tape onto the white edge of your design.
  • Cut out a section where you will be working. This way, you will see the colour and textures clearly whilst you stitch and you will determine whether the correct shades and textures are being used for the adjacent shapes.
  • Cut the film and peel it back as you move onto the next section.  
  • When there are too many holes in the film, replace it with a new sheet.

I have some more hints and tips to share with you in the weeks to come. 


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