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Little bird and a bag


It’s Friday ♫♬♪ and I thought you would enjoy seeing this beautiful bag by Françoise Marchal from Paris, FranceOh là là but I love the little bird!


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Françoise wrote to me: “Hello everyone!! My name is Françoise, I am French and I am living in the suburbs of Paris. After having practising quilting and cross stitching for few years, I have recently started taking interest in ribbon embroidery, stumpwork as well as the possibility of using them all on the same project. That gave a new lease on life to all my previous work and strongly increased my creativity towards new limitless horizons. Moreover, in addition to my professional occupation, I also give class of creative embroidery”


And close-up detail…




This little bird is from my Roses book on page 132… I love what Françoise has done with this little Willow Warbler. Thank you for sharing with all of us Françoise


I have some beautiful designs to share with you in the weeks to come. 

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Happy weekend