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Delicate and beautiful


G’Day ♪♫ It’s a beautiful day in Cape Town but I see that it is freezing cold in many parts of the world. So I am sending you lots of African Sunshine and…. to make your day, I have some spectacular Roses to show you by the super-talented Valentina Razenkova from Saint Petersburg in Russia.



Click on the image to enlarge



And another view… click on the image to enlarge




Many of these techniques you will learn from my new Roses book.


Thank you Valentina, I salute you and thank you for sharing your incredible talent with all of us


Tomorrow I will show you an exquisite piece by genius Trish Burr…you will LOVE her work! So… 







Enjoy your Thursday everyone


Until tomorrow…


Take care


ℒ ℴ ν ℯ´¯`•.¸.☀♥




2 thoughts on “Delicate and beautiful”

  1. Мне нравиться ваш блог ,я очень рада участвовать в показе своих работ. Для меня это важно. И спасибо большое за ваше внимание и любовь к нам вышивальщицам. Di спасибо.

    And this is the Google translation from Russian to English for the message sent by Valentina.

    I like your blog, I am very pleased to participate in showing their work. For me, it’s important. And thank you very much for your attention and love for us embroiderers. Di thank you.

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