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Turkey stitch


Turkey stitch




Stitch diagrams are © 2012 Metz Press and Di van Niekerk



Turkey stitch is a wonderful versatile stitch when you want to add a fluffy texture in your design.

A long looped thread is anchored to the fabric with tiny stay stitches. See diagram above.


Make stitches close together when filling in shapes for a dog or cat and make them further apart when filling in foliage or a lacy jersey like to one below from my Dreamscapes book.


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Before cutting the loops, insert the sharp point of your embroidery scissors into the loop and pull the stitch in the direction that you would like it to lie – upwards, downwards or straight up. Then cut the loop. This makes the threads lie in the right direction.


Fluff the threads with the sharp point of your scissors or insert the sharp point of a needle into the fibres of the thread to separate them.


Have a look here on my YouTube channel to see me making Turkey stitch…


Hints: To make a smooth velvety texture for animal coats, make sure that the anchoring stitch lies as close to the fabric as possible. Pull the thread taut so a thin elongated loop is formed. Leave some loops uncut for an interesting texture, cutting others, and then fluff the threads as above. Always use small embroidery scissors with sharp points.


♫♬♪♫♬ Tomorrow I will share a free tutorial on how to make a Dandy Dog 






Hope you enjoyed learning about Turkey stitch. Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂





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  1. bonjour,
    le point est très bien expliqué . J’attend avec impatiance le tuto du chien pour mettre en application ce merveilleux et magique point
    Bonne journée à vous et merci pour les partages
    Eliane France

  2. Thanks for your YouTube video on how to do turkey stitch. I have asked and looked and no one could tell me how to make it. I watched other videos but they made it much more complicated. Yours is great. Danke.

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