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Roses and Lace


Good morning ♫♬♪♫♬♪♫♬♪


It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Cape Town and to brighten up your day…I have some gorgeous roses by Irina Kruts (ирина круц) from Kiev in the Ukraine





Don’t you think this cushion is a masterpiece?

I love her colours and the way she has used the lacy flowers.

It truly is a work of art!




Her Roses are incredibly beautiful and realistic, don’t you think?


More close-up detail…




..and more



…and more :))



Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with all of us Irina, ирина круц 



I have some more beautiful masterpieces and news to share with you in the weeks to come!


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Enjoy your Wednesday everybody





4 thoughts on “Roses and Lace”

  1. hi di
    congratlation bcz of ur talent
    ur lovly beautiful picturs
    i really enjoyed waching these hand mades
    hw cn i show u one of mine?
    i wanna knw ur idea about it
    thnk u so mch
    best luck

  2. Очень красивая работа! От этих роз так и веет свежестью! Спасибо, что показали!

  3. beautiful…dont know how to describe it so much..
    this lovely embroidery makes me fall into it…and now im spending my time in ribbon embroidery…=)

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