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A masterpiece from Perm in Russia


It’s nearly Christmas  and as a special gift for your eyes today….


…. a masterpiece in Roses by Lyudmila Deineko (Дейнеко Людмила) from Perm on the banks of the Kama River, in the European part of Russia near the Ural Mountains.


Click on the images to enlarge



Don’t you think her Roses are magnificent???






Lyudmila wrote to me: “I live in Perm, Russia. I am 56; this is an age when one finally can devote oneself to creativity and art. I think that one of the woman’s goals is to bring beauty and love to this world. I became very passionate about ribbon embroidery, although I haven’t been doing this long – my first works came to life about a year ago. I am really enjoying it now and it inspires me…”


Close up detail…




..and more to gladden your heart 🙂



I know that this will make your day!



Thank you Lyudmila for your beauty and for sharing your talent with all of us.


I have more of her beautiful roses and flowers to show you in the coming weeks. [scg_html_subscribe] and receive e-mail updates as soon as I post new pictures 🙂


Hope all the preparations for Christmas dinner are going well…. me?  My eldest son is cooking the turkey; my hubby and the youngest son are doing everything else. All I have to do is the pudding. Aren’t I lucky?? But what’s the bet I will need to do all the washing up!


Lots of love and enjoy your day





13 thoughts on “A masterpiece from Perm in Russia”

  1. These are especially beautiful and clever. And, more buds. Thank you.
    “After every sip and sup comes the joy of washing up”! Enjoy your day to the full, washing up and all! x

  2. hi

    Im crazy about this embroideries. Pl. tell me how do you paint above square glass vase. (that picture is above in TOP left corner)

  3. Please can you tell me if you dye your ribbons yourself? I am so in love with these roses and your techniques! Truly, truly beautiful!!!!

  4. Beautiful flowers.
    I would love to make this, not as good as you but
    would love to try to do this. Would you be willing to
    share how you do this and what materials you use.
    Thanks Barbara

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