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How to make cute little flowers with silk ribbon


How to make cute little flowers with silk ribbon


Loop stitch is ideal for making clusters of small flowers.

It is an easy stitch to do and French knots are added afterwards to form the stamens. 





For this F monogram from my Embroidered Alphabets book, I used loop stitch for the little blue flowers.


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Step 1. Use 4, 7 or 13mm silk ribbon and make a small stitch, working over a spare tapestry needle or similar object.

Step 2. Make a loop stitch for each flower, forming the loops close together to create clusters of flowers.

Step 3. Use one strand of thread and add a French knot on each loop to form the centre of the flower.

Hint:  You could use a small seed bead instead of a French knot.





 See other ideas on loop stitch here


I have made you a free Gift Tag for your collection.. 




Download the design by clicking on the PDF below… print it onto fabric and embroider it, following the guidelines in my Embroidered Alphabets and Monograms and Words book.. or print onto lovely card stock or watercolour paper to make a unique gift tag for a special friend.

Free gift tag from Di van Niekerk


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7 thoughts on “How to make cute little flowers with silk ribbon”

  1. Thank you for this and all your other free lessons! I had never done silk embroidery, but when I accidentally ran into one of your videos on youtube, I fell in love–your work is exquisite!–and had to try it. You sure make it easy to understand.



  2. i love these ive never done anything like this before but youve given me the inspiration to try thank you


  3. Quiero en principio felicitarla por un trabajo tan espectacular, me gusta mucho y estoy bordando en cinta desde hace un tiempo, he descubierto su web unos dias atras.
    Sus videos son claros y muy didacticos,he logrado bordar algunas flores que quedaron muy lindas gracias por subir estos videos.
    Vivo en La Paz Bolivia(Sud America)y creo que acceder a sus productos es algo complicado voy a ver la forma de hacerlo.
    De todas maneras le agradezco nuevamente y estoy pendiente de los nuevos tutoriales que
    suba al internet y aprender mucho mas. Nancy.

  4. I love all your works. It is beautiful and I am tempted to try it. Thank you for your tutoriels.

  5. There’s so much to see in this project. I tried ribbon embroidery a few years ago, but for some reason did not stick with it. I’m back to embroidering now and am thinking I would like to do something with ribbon but I need a small, beginner kit to start off with. I’ll look through your site.

    Your work is absolutely gorgeous and I hope I can do even a fourth as well as you. Thank you for your site.

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