December 2011




December 2011


♫♬♪♫♬ Greetings from a lovely warm and sunny Cape Town – the year is almost at an end and soon you will be able to take a break… hopefully for some
stitching on your latest project. Me, I am going to do just that!


Click on the image to enlargeExquisite embroideries by Nigar Hikmet from Turkey

Looking back on this year, it was a productive and busy 2011. We had the most successful
international competition
with many beautiful new
Dreamscapes masterpieces.

My new
book was launched, I started my blog and met so many new friends along the way.

has grown fast
and I have so enjoyed sharing the beautiful designs from all over the world. For this, I have you to thank.

For your support and feedback, I thank you… without you it would not have been possible. I hope you have enjoyed meeting up with each other on
Facebook and Twitter, on my blog and via your own social media channels.


Click on the image to enlargeMagnificent work by Helen Eriksson from Walkerville, Adelaide, South Australia

This month, on my blog, I will show you exquisite embroideries by the talented Nigar Hikmet from Turkey and Helen Eriksson, from Adelaide, Australia,
amongst others. Helen Eriksson is the doyenne of silk ribbon embroidery and she is teaching at the famous
Beating Around the Bush
in April…
so don’t miss out on learning from a master teacher… and the nicest person you will ever meet.
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Click on the image to enlarge

Pansy Garland by the talented Marina Zherdeva, our stockist in Moscow

I would also like to thank each one of our stockists and teachers for all their hard work and dedication to the world of art and craft.
I know how hard you have worked to assist your customers and to keep up with the latest trends.

Do have a look
for details of your nearest stockist and teacher…and why not book a class next year so that you can enjoy some creative time
for yourself in 2012… in fact, maybe that should be one of your New Year resolutions 🙂

I love what Wendy Wilson of
Australian Needle Arts
has done with her website… and I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Koala in New Zealand
and Australia in 2013!


In case you have missed them, have a look on my blog for
Gorgeous Roses and Pansies
by Ingrid Lee from Melbourne Australia and for an exquisite
Basket of Roses
by the very talented Valentina Razenkova from Saint Petersburg in Russia… see how she has embroidered onto sheer organza fabric?
See how her window is showing through the design? I think it is incredible!
There is so much talent in this world and I am honoured to be part of all the sharing and the love that there is for this art form. See the
Irresistible Irises
by Anna Dunaevskaya from Le Petit – Paris, France… every day I am thankful for all the beauty.


I have also added
short tutorials
for you to learn just how easy it is to make something spectacular in silk ribbon embroidery… it’s not difficult
to do… and it’s good for the soul!


A free gift for you

To end off the year and as a thank you gift, I have added a
free design
for you to download for your collection. A little rosebud – perfect for a holiday
project… Enjoy!

Our Bonus Hampers are very popular. Read more about this special offer
With every order over R700 (about US $ 89) you will receive some
lovely goodies… so do have a look on my
to find your favourite project – there’s a lot to choose from!

I have some exciting news for all ribbon embroiderers for 2012… but I will tell you more about this in January.
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And finally…

Congratulations Cape Town. Our
Table Mountain
has been voted one of the
New 7 Wonders of Nature
– a mountain of love, harmony, hope, promise and
success for all South Africans. Now you see… you have to visit our beautiful city 🙂

If you have any suggestions or need some advice, please feel free to
e mail
me – we are always glad to help.

Until next time, have a good December. It’s nearly Christmas – my favourite time of the year!



and the team in Newlands, Cape Town


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