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Bullion knot stitch


Bullion Knot stitch


Also known as caterpillar stitch, worm stitch, roll stitch and Puerto Rico Rose.


Bullion knot stitch, more prominent than a French knot, is most effective when you require a dense, rounded petal or stamen. Use one stitch for a single stamen or work them close together to form rosettes.

Rayon thread works particularly well with this stitch. For the average sized bullion, use one strand of rayon thread and a size 3 straw/milliners needle. The straw needle is ideal as it is a long needle without a wide eye so the wraps slip off the needle easily 🙂





Make a stitch (the length depends on the size bullion that you require) and wrap the thread around the needle as shown.


Make neat wraps packed closely together.


Once you have enough wraps on the needle to accommodate the length of the stitch, add two more wraps for extra fullness.

Pull the needle through the wraps.


Neaten the knots by pushing them together with your fingernail and tugging the thread a little more.


Invert the needle, inserting it back as shown. See how the needle goes back into the fabric where you first inserted the needle to start the stitch?

For looped bullions: make a small stitch and work double (or more) the amount of wraps around the needle…there will be many more wraps on the needle than the length of the stitch. Invert the needle, inserting it back into the fabric where you first inserted the needle



To download the printable version and save it for your collection, you are welcome to click on the PDF below â™¥


Bullion knot stitch by Di van Niekerk


Enjoy 🙂


Stitch diagram is © 2011 Metz Press and Di van Niekerk



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