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Renaissance by Helen Eriksson


Renaissance by Helen Eriksson


Hi everyone, hope you all had a good weekend and are ready for the week ahead….nearly over, then hopefully we can all take some time off :))


Ever meet someone and realise that you feel you have known this person all your life? 


Yes? That’s exactly what happened to me….for many years I have been a great admirer of a very special artist’s work:

Helen Eriksson from Walkerville, Adelaide, South Australia.


I met Helen when I taught at BATB and although time was short, we clicked right away. I saw her work close-up and it gave me goose bumps — it was so exquisite.


Helen and I have become good friends and we are in contact all the time. We have some good news to tell you…but this will have to wait until next year when all the preparations are done.


This is her magnificent Renaissance piece that is on the cover of her beautiful book: Ribbon Renaissance. Doesn’t it take your breath away?





Renaissance … click on the image to enlarge





Close –up detail…




more close-up detail…



and another view…



and more beauty!



Thank you Helen for sharing your magnificent work with us!




I have more of Helen’s beautiful roses and flowers to show you in the coming weeks. [scg_html_subscribe] and receive e-mail updates as soon as I post new pictures….


Have a good week 🙂